Training modules for professionals (IO5)

The training concept is a modular program for training professionals working with young NEETs, especially towards their inclusion into education or employment in a sustainable way, and at the same
time aiming to support them in achieving their personal goals.

The professionals participating in the training can be youth counsellors, employment counsellors, rehabilitation services experts, social workers, social administrators, relevant teachers and counsellors in VET, relevant experts from primary schools, career guidance counsellors, and others.

The training concept aims to strengthen the professionals´ competencies regarding their methods and approaches to work with NEETs. In addition, the training aims to strengthen the local crossprofessional and cross-organizational cooperation.

The training curricula includes 4 modules with the following focus areas:

The development of the modules was quality-assured by researchers from The University of Hamburg (2019-2020).

Each of the modules is outlined with learning outcomes, to be concretized locally depending on the needs of the professionals and the local conditions.

The modules can be carried out face-to-face or online or as blended learning.

Planning and implementation of the trainings

The training program can be transferred, adjusted and implemented in any local environment, where needs for upskilling professionals working with NEETs arise. Guidelines for the preparation of the training can be found in the concept for the training modules.

When preparing a training plan based on specific learning outcomes as described in the modules, it is strongly recommended to get familiar with the models and methods – as outlined at this site, section Deliverables – as well as with the proposed literature.

Note! The national and organizational context is highly important, when preparing the training.

It is possible to choose implementing a single module, several modules or all of them. It is also possible to use the modules as a coherent training program, possibly leading to a certificate or similar. Another experience points at the possibility of integrating one or more modules into accredited programs for professionals.

The trainers are free to combine, add or erase the suggested learning
outcomes, depending on the needs of their target group and the goal they set for the training.

The trainings in local practice

Status: Terminated

Grant: 347.496 €

Project period: October 1st 2018 to March 31st 2021


Funding: Erasmus+