Policy paper: NEETs for change

The policy paper “NEETs for change” constitutes the final output of “Youth in transition” (IO7)

In the context of the project in whole, conclusions are made from concrete results achieved in an appreciative and resource-oriented framework: competence profile (IO4), training units (IO5) and individual NEETs’ pathways (IO6), but still related to identification of vocational maturity and employability (IO2, IO3). Paired with the initial Analysis (IO1), the policy recommendation should provide both an analysis of the situation (the needs of the NEETs and the needs of the professionals) and a policy recommendation for further decision making: “NEETs for change.”

Unit for Educational and Vocational Guidance in the Municipalities (EUK) in Denmark has been lead partner of the entire project and of IO7. Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training (CPI) and Directorate of Labour in Iceland (VMST) have each contributed directly to this final publication, and also Cene Štupar Public Institution – Center for Education Ljubljana have provided significant contribution. Quality assurance have been provided by Hamburg University.

Status: Terminated

Grant: 347.496 €

Project period: October 1st 2018 to March 31st 2021

Contact: euk@kl.dk

Funding: Erasmus+