The training modules in Slovenia

The core of the training in Slovenia was focused on empowering counsellors and mentors working with the NEETs in Project Learning for Young Adults Programme (PUM-O) with whom we had cooperated in YIT’s activities.

The main objectives of the training were focused on the applicability of the generic model of individual pathways, progression taxonomy, the improvement of intra and inter cooperation, and knowledge sharing among the 12 PUM-O organisations.

The training allowed participants to have time to reflect on their values, skills, their roles as counselors and to build stronger bonds among them. It allowed them to deepen their knowledge, clear doubts, and strengthen cooperation among participants and motivate individual counselors to continue their individual work. The goal was to  improve and implement the concept of ´the chain of responsibility´ (Module 3). 

The second part of the training focused on empowering the school counsellors in basic and upper-secondary VET schools by introducing them to a vocational maturity tool for self-evaluation in dialogue (Module 4). Two sets of 8-hour training were implemented, one as a face-to-face session and one as an online session where participants were presented with the online tool and supporting documents for the use of the tool, and were guided through the application of the tool.

This particular training was also included in the national catalogue of further education and training programs for teachers and counsellors at basic and upper-secondary level schools. The goal of the training was to introduce the concept of vocational maturity as it is a new way of looking at career orientation in the Slovenian Education and Training System.

The national catalogue

The Slovenian training is published in the national catalogue “KATIS” (= an online platform). Only teachers and counsellors in schools can access the catalogue.

Status: Terminated

Grant: 347.496 €

Project period: October 1st 2018 to March 31st 2021


Funding: Erasmus+