Cene Štupar

Contact: Ms. Maja Rotar, counselor, adult education organizer.

The founder of Cene Štupar – Ljubljana Public Education Centre is the City of Ljubljana.

For more than 55 years Cene Štupar – Ljubljana Public Education Centre has enabled all generations, no matter their status, to get included into numerous formal and non-formal programs with the purpose of increasing general education, transfer of knowledge and development of key competences of adults for active inclusion into life and work in the Republic of Slovenia.

The mission of Cene Štupar is based on the inclusion of a wide variety of people of all generations into lifelong learning so that by being mentored and guided by experts in an encouraging environment they develop skills for a high quality life and work.

In the framework of its basic activity the institute carries out different formal and non-formal educational programs for gaining educational, professional growth as well as personal development. When creating and executing our educational programs we closely cooperate with our customers who work in the economic as well as public sectors.

Cene Štupar will contribute with expertise on guidance and counselling, as well as Cene Stupar employs counsellors and teachers that will work practically in Youth in transition.

Cene Štupar will contribute to the creation of materials and tools that facilitate working with NEETs and will organise a pilot testing in Slovenia.

Cene Štupar website

Status: Terminated

Grant: 347.496 €

Project period: October 1st 2018 to March 31st 2021

Contact: euk@kl.dk

Funding: Erasmus+