Individual pathways – Iceland

The Icelandic version of individual Pathways has been elaborated by counsellors at VMST, who were partners in the YIT project and have worked with the NEET group for many years.

This process/model that we introduce here is an overview of how professionals can work, preferably together, with planning, evaluating, and adjusting individual pathways for NEETs in a cross-professional context.

The NEETs follow individual pathways towards vocational maturity to achieve self-sufficiency and a life they desire.

Individual pathways are a procedural development process created in close collaboration between NEETs and their current contact person/persons. That is, the development the young person must go through to approach vocational maturity.

This process is continually evaluated and adjusted. Collaboration also takes place between the different professionals and their organizations in the context around the NEET.

The individual pathway is a method and tool to help Scouts and organizations that are working with NEETs to work more efficiently and consistent with the group. It can also be an important link in co-operation between systems working with NEETs.

Status: Terminated

Grant: 347.496 €

Project period: October 1st 2018 to March 31st 2021


Funding: Erasmus+