Competence profile: ´Scouts´ in Iceland

The Icelandic version of the Competence profile for the Scout function has been elaborated by counsellors at VMST with assistance from various professionals working with NEETs.

Scout is an artificial term and is understood as a close and consistent contact person for the young person in transition. The Scout profile combines two roles; “organizational coordinator” and “personal counsellor”. The scout can act on both these roles or this can be several professionals, depending on how each country implements it.

In the Competence Profile a certain knowledge, skills and attitude are necessary to be competent working as a Scout. The Profile is a tool to help counsellors and organizations work closer and more consistent with NEETs. The Scout can be an important link in co-operation between systems working with NEETs.

Status: Terminated

Grant: 347.496 €

Project period: October 1st 2018 to March 31st 2021


Funding: Erasmus+